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Care of new grafts
     Your plants were grafted between January and April this year. They have been kept in a greenhouse under a controlled environment until shipping. These grafted plants have already put on this year's flush of new growth. You shouldn't expect them to grow any more this year. They will, however continue to make roots and to caliper up some.
     Your grafts should be watered as soon as you receive them.
     Grafted liners should be shaded the first summer. At least 40%.

Get those rubbers off!
     Remove the grafting rubbers before you take the plants out of the pots. It is easier to handle. We like to leave the rubbers on for the first year for strength but we have found that the plants have become girdled even in that short time. Some to the point that the rubbers disappeared into the bark, making them very hard to see and remove. If you let your plants become girdled from the rubbers they will die, so get those rubbers off.
     To remove grafts from their pots turn upside down and tap the upper edge of the pot sharply on a hard surface. The plant will slip out. Do not force or pull plant out of the pot as root damage will occur.
     We use a time release fertilizer after we pot up the grafts. We get good results with special top dressing, but any good time release will work.
Something like 12-5-9 with minors (60 days).

     Plant evergreen in pots or liner beds for two years before lining out in the field. If in pots keep in unheated poly house for the first winter. If in liner beds some protection from the first winter would be beneficial.

     Beech should be kept cool but protected some for the first winter. A deep frame or holding house works. Be sure to take precautions for the mice. They love those tender stems.

     As with any grafted material, from time to time, the understock may sprout out
below the graft. You will have to prune it off or it will take over.

     Thank you for buying from Colson' Nursery, Inc. If you have any more questions
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Sue Colson